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When I decided to create this blog, aside from the usual “Welcome to the site…”, I didn’t really have any idea what to write for my first post. Eventually after much deliberation it struck me. Let’s start at the beginning of the story! The beginning of the story that tells of my growing love for board games, and how a bunch of Geeks came together to form a gaming group.

One cold November evening four friends gathered around a box. A box bulging with dark secrets, untold tales, vile beasts and terrifying horrors. This was the first true gathering of the Geeks that game.

As we opened the intriguing box, with its beautiful artwork, we were shocked by what we found. In a nutshell, Arkham Horror has SO!!! much in the box. A giant board, lots of chits and God knows how many cards! This was our first foray into bigger games, and what an insane whirlwind of an introduction to the gaming world it was!

Putting my dodgey story-telling aside, Arkham Horror was the first BIG game that I ever played. It blew me away at how different it was from the casual games I’d played previously. Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno and more recently the immensely supperior Carcassonne and Catan. For starters, Arkham Horror is a co-operative game. Every decision you make will either help or hinder your fellow investigators. You all work towards a common goal, to prevent the rise of some great evil, or “Ancient One”. To do this, you strive frantically to seal a series of inter-dimensional gates that spew forth a variety of monsters into the streets of Arkham. If these abominations aren’t enough for you, the game bombards you constantly with horrific obstacles that occur every time you take a second to breath.

By using a series of location, mythos and other-world encounter cards the game provides you with a truly spectacular simulation of despair and utter hopelessness. When you fail, and you will; you genuinely feel defeated. But when you win! The joy, the celebration, the comradary! It’s all there in abundance.
If I wanted to discuss every aspect of the game then I could be sat here writing all evening and would probably discourage you from ever returning to my humble corner of the internet. So without further delay, I’ll sum up by saying that Arkham Horror is a truly great game, I have yet to find another game that can provide such an immersive atmosphere. I’ve heard people say that you don’t really play the game, the game plays itself and you just enjoy the ride. Well, if that’s the case then sign me up for more tickets to ride. (That’s not a hint at my next review!)

Immersive atmosphere, co-operative interaction, beautiful artwork, excellent game mechanics, chits (Hundreds of them!)

The rules (can be a bit complex for people new to gaming), the size of the play area needed (especially with the expansions which we’ll discuss at a later date), time required (an average game lasts 3-4 hours in our expereince.)

Score: 8/10

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  1. Good luck with the write up! I remember my first game of Arkham; loved it ever since. I’ve played solo, get others to play. My brother and I would spend every holiday playing with our mother nagging in the background for us to spend time with her. Another holiday awaits and I’m sure the same routine will come. =)

    If you’ve enjoyed Arkham try out BattleStar Galactica. This is another adventure game where the journey is more fun than the outcome. There is an interesting twist! you’ll enjoy. I recommend you play with some one who knows the game so you aren’t bogged down with learning. Good luck – and good hunting!

    1. Thanks for the wishes of luck, I’m really enjoying writing these blog articles.

      I did a review of Battlestar Galactica the other day :)

      If you click Home on the menu at the top of this review it shold be there on the main page if you fancied seeing what I had to say about it :)

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