X-Wing Vs Enterprise

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Back in August 2012 Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) released a major new title – Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures.

Using the awesome FlightPath™ maneuver system they successfully implemented the fast and furious dogfights that we all know and love. The base game provided everything you needed to play a quick game with the iconic X-Wing and Tie-Fighters. Then, just add a few expansions such as the Tie Advanced and the Y-Wing and you can stage even bigger battles. A few months later and we saw the release of a 2nd Wave of ships. This wave introduced the Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, the A-Wing and the Tie Interceptor. I bought both the first and second waves and enjoyed several space battles with them. Eventually FFG announced the third wave containing the B-Wing, Tie Bomber, Lambda Class shuttle and the HWK-290. At this point I have to admit that although I like Star Wars, none of these ships interested me in the slightest.

I considered whether to buy the 3rd wave and realized that, of all the ships I knew from the Star Wars universe, I already owned the ones that actually interested me. Unless FFG could pull a Death Star out of their pockets there wasn’t anything else to draw me in… This view was only magnified at GenCon 2013, where even the newly announced larger ships just didn’t do a thing for me…

With nothing of interest on the cards from the X-Wing miniatures world, FFG finally announced the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”. An Imperial Aces Expansion Pack featuring two TIE interceptor miniatures with alternate paint schemes… I knew they were running low on ships, but I hadn’t realized it was getting this bad….

So I was left with a slight dilemma. On one hand I love the game, and I enjoy playing it, but on the other hand I don’t see it going anywhere with regards to the ships I can bring to the table. So I decided to take a big step and look into another possibility – Star Trek Attack Wing from WizKids.
Truth be told, I’ve always preferred Star Trek to Star Wars so the game instantly had an advantage over X-Wing. I ordered the base set from Gameslore.co.uk and it arrived at warp speed (sorry) and was soon sat waiting to be played. On opening the box I knew that I was on to a winner.

Star Trek Attack Wing has the same gameplay as FGGs X-Wing Miniatures game but with the ships of the Star Trek universe that I grew to love as a child. The base game comes with ships from the Federation, the Romulan Empire and the Klingon Empire factions. Despite there being plenty of possible ships for each side to include later on, I was slightly worried that I might be in for the same disappointment as with X-Wing. So, with a slight nervousness, I took a look at the available expansions.

It turns out that the base game hit retailers at the same time as eight different expansions. Included in the mix are iconic ships such as the USS Enterprise which is unfortunately a very small model in comparison to all of the others, and the I.K.S. Negh’Var. There are also two ships for a fourth faction, the Dominion. The great thing about each expansion is that not only does it grow each of your factions, it also adds different scenarios to the game, expanding not only the ship selection but also the play style. So, if you go out and buy the RIS Apnex expansion you get cards that provide setup and rules for a scenario called Testing New Cloaking Technologies. This really adds a lot to the game for me and I can’t wait to bring some of these scenarios to the table.

Impressed with this initial lineup I had a quick look for details of the next wave. What I found was a simple four ship release, one ship for each faction, but among those four ships lurked the USS Defiant! Brilliant!

Sheepishly I dared look beyond this to the next wave. Again a set of four ships and again another gem. The USS Excelsior! Amazing!
So Star Trek Attack Wing definitely has my attention for the foreseeable future, but what can we expect from it going beyond the next few waves? First off, there’s a large community drive to promote the series, with story-based organized play events re-enacting the battles of the Dominion Wars and offering participants a selection of exclusive incentives. Check out the WizKids site for more details of this.

More importantly though, there’s a very large hint in the core rulebook itself. Taking a look at page 18 under the Initiative heading you’ll see a whole list of different factions listed in addition to the four base factions. So if the game gets the love it deserves we could be seeing the Borg, Species 8472, Kazan, Bajoran, Ferengi, Independent and Mirror Universe factions hitting tables sometime in the future!

I don’t know about you guys but this all sounds pretty damn good to me, certainly a lot better that a new paint job and an oversized transport ship. In my opinion, Star Trek Attack Wing is definitely one to watch!

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