UK Games Expo T-Minus 3 Days…


Well, there’s only three days to go and I can’t wait any longer!

In today’s post I’m going to quickly go over the types of events you’ll find at the UK Games Expo, I’ve never taken part in any of these before, but I’ve got myself some tickets for an Alien Laser tag session! Does anyone know what it actually is? I know I was intrigued enough to book a place in advance!

There are absolutely tonnes of events on over the weekend, literally hundreds of RPGs will be running, far too many to list here, but you can check them out on the UK Games expo events page.

For board, card and miniature games, here’s a list of all the awesome fun that the organisers have planned for us!


Alien Laser Tag
Pandemic: The Cure Tournament
Suburbia Tournament
Ra Tournament
7 Wonders Tournament


Alien Laser Tag
Memoir 44
UK Catan Championship 2014
Ticket to Ride Open Tournament
Agricola Tournament
Tzolk’in Tournament
Android: Netrunner Open Tournament
Game of Thrones Open National
Xi Cards First World Championship
Warmachine and Hordes UK Games Expo Masters
Dystopian Naval Tournament
Field of Glory:Renaissance
Field of Glory:Ancients
Flames of War: Mid War
Epic Armageddon Expo 2014
X-Wing UK Open
40k Birmingham Open II
HeroClix Nationals 2014 – Open Sealed Qualifier


Alien Laser Tag
C&C: Ancients
Ticket to Ride National Championship
UK Carcassonne Championship 2014
Lords of Waterdeep Tournament
Dominion Tournament
Android: Netrunner UK Championship
Netrunner Nationals – Uroboros Cup (Day 2 Side Event)
Game of Thrones National Final
Stak Bots Tournament
Dystopian Land Tournament
Infinity The Game Tournament
Flames of War: Late War
Warmachine and Hordes UK Games Expo Masters
Warmachine and Hordes Team Event
40k Birmingham Open II
X-Wing UK National
Dust D-day (Birmingham)
Star Trek Attack Wing – Return to Deep Space Nine!
HeroClix Nationals – 2014 UK Finals

And one more thing!

This isn’t related to the UK Games Expo, but it is bloody awesome! Today I received my custom print mouse mats for my Marvel Dice Masters set. One for me and one for an opponent. They look really good and I just wanted to share them with everyone!!!


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