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UK Games Expo T-Minus 4 Days…


With only four days (including today) until the UK Games Expo 2014, I thought I’d post some of the things that I’m looking forward to. Today I’m going to look at the exhibitors!

Last year I spent most of my short amount of time at the expo wandering around the exhibition hall. This year will, no doubt, see me wandering around and perusing many, if not all, of the stands throughout the expo. In preparation for this I took a minute to go through the exhibitor listing on the expo site and noted many stands I can’t wait to visit. Here’s the ten stands I’m most interested in visiting (in alphabetical order.)

Back Spindle Games
Demoing their awesome looking game Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (2nd Edition) which goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow!

Czech Games Edition
Producers of some of my favourite games including Galaxy Trucker and Space Alert!

Days of Wonder
Creators of Ticket to Ride and Memoir 44, need I say more?

Fantasy Flight Games
It’s FFG, the kings of thematic games.

Game Salute
Very interested to see what representation these guys have, they’re an awesome company who provide support and publishing services for many, many, many Kickstarter games!

Looking forward to catching up with Nigel and Paul to discuss some future posts for their blog.

Mayfair Games
Last year Mayfair had a lot of floor space, unfortunately I didn’t have chance to check them out. This time I am going to rectify that!

NSKN Games
Creators of one of my favourite thematic games, Exodus Proxima Centauri, I got hold of the revised edition last year and have recently heard that there’s an expansion on the way!

Steve Jackson Games
Two words…. Steve Jackson…

Z-man Games
I really like Z-man, they produce to awesome games, Pandemic, Robinson Crusoe and Tales of the Arabian Nights. I can’t wait to see what they have to show off, and I especially want to see if I can get a look at the new Pandemic: The Cure game.

International Tabletop Day


Last Saturday, 5th of April 2014, was International Tabletop Day! A celebration of all things tabletop game related. I realise that this post is a little late but I still wanted to tell you guys what I got up to!

Brainchild of Will Wheaton of Star Trek and Tabletop fame, the day is dedicated to the gathering of gamers and those interested in gaming. It’s a great way to promote the hobby and get more people playing games and I was really looking forward to taking part in as much fun as I possibly could.

So, wanting to optimize my play time I worked out what my options were and set out for a day of fun and games!

As you might already know, I attend a monthly board game session held at Firestorm Games over in Cardiff. This year they were running a Tabletop event that was both a celebration of gaming and a fundraising bake-sale event for the Help for Heroes charity. As a full time board game fanatic and a cake addict, this was the greatest news I’d ever heard, so I headed there to start.

Arriving over in Cardiff at 10am we played a few quick games of a Donkey, a children’s card game that one of the younger members of the group was thoroughly enjoying. It may not have been my kind of game but we all had some fun and that’s what the day’s all about right?

After Donkey we had a couple of games of Forbidden Desert, followed by Fleet, Eight Minute Empire: Legends, Dominion and finally Wits and Wagers. There were so many different types of cake it was unbelievable and staff from Esdevium games were on hand to demonstrate Terry Pratchett’s The Witches, Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries and Carcassonne.

The whole session was a great success and a lot of fun was had by all. A big thanks goes out to Clare for organising the cake sale and fundraiser, not to mention Roy for making sure everyone knew about it, and Jake plus the Firestorm staff for making sure everything was running smoothly on the day. By the close of business the cake sale had managed to raise £128 which is really great!

With Firestorm closing at 6pm I had a plan in place to continue the gaming fun. Thanks to Ian over at Rules of Play I’d heard about another Tabletop event running nearby that started at 7pm. Just enough time to dash over and get a good table. So, almost as if I’d planned it, we made our way over to The Gate to join the Rules of Play team for more gaming delights. I’ve seen their sessions at The Gate advertised on numerous occasions but living over in Bristol has meant that we, sadly, couldn’t make it over to any of them. Unfortunately weekdays, work and travel just don’t mix that well. However, this Tabletop event was a Saturday so we HAD to be there!

The event kicked off at 7pm as planned and we began with some games of King of Tokyo, we then followed this up with some Zombie Dice, which I haven’t played in quite a long time. Nikki and I ended our gaming at about 10.30pm after a game of Citadels. By this point I was starting to get tired, Nikki was sure her brain was melting, but Chris soldiered on and joined a group for a game of Ticket to Ride Europe.

Nikki and I sat chatting at our table and were shortly joined by Steve from Rules of Play who we chatted to until the very end of the evening. It was really good to get to chat to him outside of the store and Nikki and I had a great time discussing all manner of subjects with him. At one point he tried to persuade us to give role playing games a try, something I’ve avoided like the plague since my first and only experience of them put me off for life. However, Steve was quite persuasive and even Nikki seemed to be warming to the idea slightly. In fact Steve was so persuasive that I’ve since ordered a copy of Fiasco to dip our toes into a very simple system and have been looking into the FATE Core System too!

All in all it was a great evening and the perfect end to a wonderful day. We played some awesome games and met some fantastic people who I would love to spend some time gaming with in the future. I even got some fun tabletop promos which really topped the whole thing off nicely. Unfortunately I didn’t see any of the 7 Wonder Will Wheaton promo cards but What I did receive was totally awesome! and all I can really say is that I can’t wait for next year!

Top 10 Games – Update


Last year I did a podcast that listed my top ten games. Since then I’ve played a good many more games and have had chance to re-evaluate some of the games on the list. It’s been very interesting seeing how my tastes have evolved over the past year and I decided January was the time to rework my top ten games list.
As a reminder for those who didn’t hear the podcast, my top ten games last year were:

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Last Night on Earth
  • Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition
  • Zombicide
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • Discworld Ankh Morpork
  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Carcassonne
  • Summoner Wars

This year my list has seen quite a drastic upheaval, 6 new entries, one upwards movement, two “down but not outs” and a single stationary entry. So without further ado, here’s my top ten games after 2013.

10 – In position ten, down six places, we have Zombicide from Cool Mini Or Not. A collaborative, zombie-survival, game that has a variety of weird and wonderful characters fighting it out with the Zombie horde.

09 – In position nine, for a second year running, we have Carcassonne. This brilliant little tile laying game is fast to learn, fast to play, and I really love it. Over the past year I’ve managed to get hold of all of the expansions and mini expansions, apart from the tunnels, and they add so much cool stuff to an already great game.

08 – In position eight, and the first of the new entries, we have Escape: The Curse of the Temple. A fantastic, frantic, and fun, run for your life game. Played over a ten minute period, you have to roll dice as fast as you can and navigate the cursed temple. If you don’t make it out within the time limit you’re trapped in the temple forever. This is a very good game and well deserves its place on this list.

07 – In position seven, the second of the new entries, Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island. A really great game, with plenty of theme. This one is the genius work of designer Ignacy Trzewiczek of Stronghold fame. Robinson Crusoe is a very difficult game that chews you up and spits you out before you even know what’s hit you. Despite the difficulty level, it’s a brilliant cooperative game with a whole bunch of mechanics that make a lot of thematic sense.

06 – In position six, the third of the new entries, Eldritch Horror. This new Fantasy Flight Games title is the sister game to their extremely successful Arkham Horror. Where Arkham Horror played out across an evil-filled city, Eldritch Horror takes it to a whole new level. This time you play the part of investigators tasked with traversing the globe in an effort to defeat one of the great old ones. From San Francisco to Tokyo this worldwide battle plays out in a faster, more streamlined manner than its older sister. If you like Arkham Horror then you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

05 – In position five, the fourth of the new entries, Exodus: Proxima Centauri. This is an awesome game that has been touted as a Twilight Imperium Lite. I love the way this plays, it’s everything I wanted from Eclipse and then some! The original edition had a variety of problems with component quality, but I got my hands on the revised edition and I have to say the components are gorgeous! If you’re looking for a fast space-combat and diplomacy game, then Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a must for your collection.

04 – In position four, the fifth of the new entries, Mice and Mystics! This is my favourite co-operative game of all time. I’ve praised this game since the first time I ever played it, and wrote a post that explained exactly what makes this game so great. Since then, I’ve played The Heart of Glorm Expansion and play-tested some of the amazing chapters that are coming in the next great expansion The Downwood Tales. Mice and Mystics is fun for gamers of all ages and it has a place in any gamer’s collection.

03 – In position three, knocked from its number one spot, we have Battlestar Galactica. An awesome game with a great traitor mechanic. This is a massively thematic game that is a must have for all Battlestar fans out there. Over the past year Fantasy Flight Games has released Daybreak, the third and final expansion. With all of the modular elements included in the three expansions, this is a game with legs and a lot of fun times to be had.

02 – In position two, and the final new entry to the list, Duel of Ages II. A game with hidden depth that won me over on my first ever play. The components aren’t the greatest quality but the sheer amount of game in both the base game and master set is quite astounding. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about the game when you first start to play, however, give it time and you’ll soon realise that it’s the stories that make you want to come back to this one time and again. During my first play, at Firestorm Games over in Cardiff, my base was attacked by an angry Unicorn and my only defence was a suited and booted bouncer who walked up and punched that Unicorn in its interfering nose. During this little scuffle, a space-slug slowly worked its way towards a target that it never reached, and a ninja space cat attacked a seemingly weak opponent with a laser weapon that did absolutely no damage. This game provides an engine into which the players pour their imagination and generate fantastical battles with creatures from all across time, space and fiction. I love this game!

01 – In position one, and up two places, we have Twilight Imperium (Third Edition). This is an epic space game that does everything you’d expect to see in any great quality space sci-fi TV show. I’m not going to go into any great detail here about the game, or how it plays, because I’m going to write a complete review of it over the next few weeks. All I will say is that if you do not have this game and love big, long, games that contain a healthy amount of combat and backstabbery; then this is the game for you!

Well there you have it, my top ten favourite games as of the end of 2013. Over the coming year I’ll be playing a load more games and writing a ton more reviews. So stay tuned to find out what I get up to and read about some of the games that you could see in my top ten at the end of 2014.

January! Again??


I know this is a little late but I just want to wish anyone reading this a very Happy New Year. Thank you to those who have subscribed to my little blog, and apologies for not having written much lately.

Where does all the time go?

2013 was a brilliant gaming year for me with plenty of fun to be had. This year I want to build on this and get even more from the hobby whilst engaging more with new and interesting gaming folk. With this in mind I’ve been hard at work creating a blog schedule for the year. It’s an alien concept, scheduling blog posts, but if I have a rigid schedule then I’m more likely to stick to it. That’s not to say that I’m going to write a post for the sake of it, but I will be posting more regular reviews and I hope to start posting ad-hoc board gaming news when I hear of anything interesting coming along.

So, to start the year as I mean to go on, I’m going to list my top five gaming wins for the year. Not games that I’ve won, but game or hobby related accomplishments that really made 2013 so much more interesting for me.

  1. I started going to a monthly gaming group over in Cardiff at the wonderful I’ve met some great people there, the staff and gamers are all extremely friendly, and the gaming area has large enough tables to set up some of the more epic games.
    Being of a, somewhat, nervous disposition I admit I was extremely unsure about taking the leap and going along. But; if you’re reading this and you’re on the fence about joining a group then the only advice I can offer is: “Give it a try!”
  2. 2013 saw a lot of my unplayed games hit the table. Many were very good, but one of them really stood out from the crowd. Mice and Mystics by Plaid Hat Games simply oozes everything I love in a game. A rich story mixed with interesting decisions and a variety of great characters. But why would playing Mice and Mystics hit my top five gaming events of the year? Because, dear reader, not only did I fall in love with the game during 2013, I also became an official play tester for the next expansion The Downwood Tales. I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am to be testing such a great game.
    For those who are interested, I’m going to cover more about this amazing addition to the series another day, but I can tell you one thing now, it’s got even more of everything that made the base game so damn fun!
  3. I attended my first ever gaming convention, The UK Games Expo. I only spent half a day there, but I had a good time, spent way too much money on some great games, and fully intend to go again in 2014. I’d also love to go over to Essen, but only time will tell as to whether I can manage that.
  4. I recorded my first and second podcast episodes earlier in the year. I’m not sure I’m cut out for podcasting but over the coming year I’ll try my hand at it a few more times and then decide whether it’s the life for me. “Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a podcasters life for me…” Anyway… moving swiftly on…
  5. I recorded my first game-related video, the unboxing of Nothing Personal by Tom Vasel and Steve Avery. It’s had a lot more views that I ever expected, 380 instead of 1, so that made me happy.

So, that’s my personal top five game-related wins for 2013!

If you did anything that you thought was particularly exciting last year then feel free to post about it in the comments. Perhaps I can use it as a target for making my gaming 2014 even better than 2013!

Dungeon Roll

Galaxy Trucker
It’s been a while since I posted a review so let’s start off with a nice easy one to get back into the flow of things. Today I’m going to be discussing Dungeon Roll a dicey dungeon delve created by Chris Darden and Kickstarted by Tasty Minstrel Games.

I received my copy of this a few weeks back, and anyone who bought this through the Kickstarter campaign received a copy of the game and the expansion in an exclusive mimic box, a treasure chest with teeth! The artwork on the box is quite nice and when I got it I couldn’t wait to open it and see the contents.

In the base game you get seven Party dice. Each side of a single Party die has a symbol representing either a Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Thief, Champion, or Scroll. You use these to form your party as you delve into the dungeon.

Next you have the seven Dungeon Dice. Each side of a single Dungeon die has a symbol representing either a Goblin, Skeleton, Ooze, Dragon, Treasure Chest, or Potion. As you delve into the dungeon the number of Dungeon dice rolled increases with the dungeon level, for example, at level one you roll one dungeon dice, at level two you roll two dungeon dice and so on until you either retire, get defeated, or reach level ten. (There’s a D10 die in the box to show the level of the dungeon!)

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the fact that you personally represent a character in the game. Before you begin you are randomly dealt one of the character cards. The artwork on these cards is beautiful and they add a lot to the game. You start with your character card on its weaker side and at any point in the game you can trade in five experience points to “level up” which basically means flipping the card over to its more powerful side. The basic game comes with eight of these cards and each has its own unique specialty which is active throughout the game, and an “Ultimate Ability” which is a once per delve ability.

As I mentioned, there’s also a character expansion pack which came with the Kickstarter package, but can be purchased separately for those who got their hands on the game after the campaign. This expansion adds eight more characters to the game for greater variety. It’s certainly not a necessity but there’s some nice characters and powers in the pack.

Out of the box you get a selection of cardboard tokens which represent Treasure and Experience (XP). Treasure tokens are placed back into the game box, shaken up, and drawn at random during certain stages of the game. XP tokens are placed at the side and earned during dragon fights or after a player retires. If I’m honest the XP tokens needed a little more thought, on one side of each token is the Roman numeral I, indicating it is worth 1 XP point. However on the other side of each token there could be a III (3XP), V (5XP), or an X (10XP). Unfortunately if you happen to be someone who likes to hold their winnings or, like me randomly plays with them during play, then the tokens can quite easily be flipped over to add or remove points to or from the total. I personally would have preferred the Tasty Minstrel guys to have provided a single extra sheet of tokens with independent 3, 5, and 10 XP markers on it.

If you backed Dungeon Roll via Kickstarter then you also got some exclusive content. The Guild Leader character who comes with an additional speckled party dice, improving your odds in the dungeon. Two additional dungeon dice and two cards representing the graveyard and the dragon’s lair. I guess the extras are OK, the Guild Leader is a nice addition and I think the extra dungeon dice were a nice touch. However, I really think they should have added three dungeon dice instead of two, that way you’d have one die per dungeon level. It just seemed a little bit cheap to have missed that one die. Finally the graveyard and dragons lair cards add nothing to the game other than a visual aid as to where to place used party dice and dragon dice.
Gameplay is fast, you take part in three delves and then count your XP to see how well you did. To begin a delve you roll your party dice to determine your party. This provides you with a mixture of characters that are going into the dungeon alongside you.

Next you roll a number of dungeon dice equal to the number shown on the dungeon level die. You may then “use” (discard) your party dice to deal with each of the monsters or items that appear in the dungeon. Each character in the party can be used to remove one of each type of dice. However each character type is strong against one different enemy type. for example.

You have three party dice showing a mage, a fighter and a thief. You roll three dungeon dice and get a skeleton and two oozes. You could use your mage to remove the skeleton, the fighter to remove one ooze and the thief to remove the other ooze. However, the mage is strong against oozes and a single mage can remove any number of ooze dice. So you use either your fighter or thief to remove the skeleton and the mage to remove both oozes.

Aside from monsters, dungeon dice may also show a treasure chest or potion. You don’t have to do anything with this type of die and they can be ignored in order to progress to the next level. However each of these types provides its own unique bonuses if you do decide to use it. You can use one party die to open a treasure chest, or one thief to open all of the rolled treasure chests. For each chest opened you get to draw a treasure token from the game box. The tokens benefits range from additional party members to additional points. At the end of your three delves each treasure token you still hold is worth one additional XP. You can also use one party die to quaff any number of potions. A potion enables you to take a dice from the graveyard and place it back into your party, any face up. This can be very powerful if the dungeon happens to contain two or more potions because you can resurrect your party and delve even deeper into the dungeon.

When a dragon dice is rolled as part of the dungeon level, it does not attack but is instead placed in the dragon’s lair, where it remains until activated later. After you clear all of the dungeon dice from a level you may have to fight the dragon. If the number of dragon dice in the lair is equal to or greater than three then you must fight. If it is lower than three, you can continue to the next level or retire, taking XP equal to the current level.

If you had to fight the dragon you must use three dice of differing classes to defeat it. For example two mages and a thief could not defeat the dragon, but a mage, a fighter and a thief could (Treasure tokens can help here). If you can’t defeat the dragon then your delve ends without receiving any XP. However, if you did defeat the dragon you receive 1XP and a treasure from the game box. You then decide to continue to the next level or retire to the tavern.

When you choose to continue, you increase the level die value by 1 and then repeat the above process. If you retire you receive the XP points equal to the level, reset the level die and proceed to the next delve. If you ever get to the point where you have to decide whether to retire or continue and the level dice is already on 10 (Dragon icon) then the delve automatically ends. You are the stuff of legends and you receive your ten XP points.
So, that’s how the game plays, but what did I think of it? On my first play through I have to admit that I was largely disappointed. Gameplay seemed dull, there wasn’t much going on, and I just didn’t get it. I was playing the game on my own and I didn’t think that this would have much of an impact on my enjoyment, however I was wrong.

The game supports up to four people, so I figured I’d give it another try with an extra player. As a two player game, your opponent takes on the role of the dungeon and rolls the level dice against you. The only real difference here is the addition of a person. You take it in turns until each person has completed their three delves and then compare your XP. Playing it like this really improved the experience. There was some banter going on between us, it felt as though you were achieving something when you rolled the dungeon dice because each bad thing you rolled hurt your opponent rather than yourself. It was definitely a lot better than with one person, but what about three or four players? Personally I don’t think the game will work very well with three or four players, I think there’s going to be far too much downtime between your delves and only involvement for two people at a time. As such I think the sweet spot for this game is at the two player mark.

Overall, after my second play through, I liked this game, but only as a two player experience. It’s nothing special, its light, it’s fairly fast and I’d play it again. The tokens and cards make it a little more fiddly than Zombie or Martian dice so it’s not one you’d be able to play in a queue, but it adds just enough extra depth to bring this out as a filler between games if I needed a break.

UK Games Expo 2013

Ticket to Ride Pandemic

This year I swore I would go to a games convention. My original plan was to head over to Essen and experience the wonders of Spiel 2013. Unfortunately that won’t be possible due to the costs involved. So with that decided, I headed on over to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo 2013. Taking place from 24th -26th May, the Games Expo offers the UKs biggest board gaming event. I could only get up to Birmingham on the Sunday which meant I missed the Friday gaming and the expo kick-off on Saturday. Here’s a rundown of my experience at the event.

11.30: Nikki, Chris and I arrived at the NEC Hilton. Excited to get a taste of the convention scene, we pulled into the free car park and jumped out ready to go! We wandered over the road looking for how to get to the Hilton. There were no signs pointing us in the right direction and we bumped into a guy who was also looking for the hotel. Those guys really needed better signage for late comers. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before we found our way and began our first expo experience.

12.00: We signed in and paid the entry fee, with lanyards round our necks we were set loose into the hotel. First stop, a strange room with people selling their second hand games. We didn’t find anything interesting there so we moved on.

12.30: We wandered into the Palace room. An Aladdin’s cave of stands and stalls covered in wonderful games and geek related paraphernalia. There was a presence from some of my favourite online stores including:

  • Heron Games
  • Gameslore
  • Leisure Games
  • Spirit Games
  • Boardgames Extras

I’m a self-confessed sufferer of the infamous acquisition disorder, so it didn’t take me long to hand over handfuls of cash in exchange for a delightful selection of fun.

13.30: Shopping bags in hand; we checked out some of the publishers that were in attendance. I was particularly interested in seeing what each of the following had on show:

  • Queen Games
  • Mayfair Games
  • Asmodee Editions
  • Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)
  • Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

I think that perhaps we were a little late in the day to really get a sense of what these publishers had to offer, in fact we felt somewhat underwhelmed by what we found. Listening to podcasts like the Dice Tower we’d heard mention of publishers at cons having stock to sell as well as any available from the traders. This did not appear to be the case at the UK Games Expo, or rather at the time we were looking it wasn’t. I don’t know if they’d been selling their games earlier but certainly FFG didn’t appear to be selling anything themselves, nor did they seem to have anything particularly new to show. What they did have though was a large Deathstar table for playing X-Wing Miniatures on. It was nice but it would have been good to get a glimpse at some upcoming games or expansions that we could look forward to in the months to come. The Elder Signs expansion for example would have been great to see. What we did notice, as we looked around, was quite a good selection of Queen Games’ titles being played. Chris joined in a game of Fresco, which he really enjoyed, and I saw people happily playing Escape. This is a massive favourite of mine, and one that I’d recommend to anyone.

14.30: A little disappointed by the publisher offerings we returned to the traders and milled around looking for some more games to buy. Between the three of us we managed to pick up a few fun titles:

  • Quarriors Quest for the Qladiator
  • Quarriors Quartifacts
  • Resistance Avalon
  • Exile Sun
  • Small World
  • Village
  • Incan Gold
  • Saboteur
  • Nexus Ops

Chris was desperately trying to find a copy of Fresco but unfortunately everywhere he looked only had expansions left. If there’s one thing we learnt from our first games con, it’s that if you see something you think is a bargain, then you buy it. That guy next to you also thinks it’s a bargain and will buy it the second you put it down. It all boils down to the old saying “You snooze you lose!”

15.00: We wandered around some of the other side rooms, found the playtest room and the lecture room. If we’d had more than an hour left we would have spent some time in those rooms but we didn’t think we could get enough time there before the end of the expo.

15.30: We decided to leave the expo and head home for the day. We’d enjoyed what we’d managed to do and wanted to get home and pop those chits for all of the games we’d just bought. On leaving we were asked to return our lanyards for recycling, Chris and Nikki returned theirs and the nice guy at the door let me hang on to mine because I liked it and I use them at work a lot.

As a whole I would say the event was OK, I can’t say much more than that because it would be unfair to judge it based on the small amount of time I spent there. I can also say that I would return next year and I would try and be there for all three days to get a more rounded experience. One thing I would really like to see improved is publishers putting more effort into this event as they seem to do for the US alternatives.

Anyway, I don’t want to finish on a negative so I thought I’d conclude on a high note by listing a few of the things that I really enjoyed. Here they are in all their glory:

  • Playing my first game of Crokinole at the Boardgames Extras stand.
  • The Tardis and Daleks.
  • The extra-large game of Pandemic with stylish lab coats.
  • A large version of Ticket to Ride.
  • Shopping at the trade stands for all my lovely new games.

Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

Grrrrr Arrggghhhhh!!!

Sorry, that was my appalling Zombie impression. Not as easy to do in text form as it turns out…

So, today I’m reviewing Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games. It won’t be a long review which actually reflects the very essence of the game itself!

When you get this game you immediately think “God, did I really pay £10 for that?” Or at least that’s what I thought! In the packaging you get a cylindrical tube, 13 custom dice and a tiny rules sheet. It hardly felt like value for money… But I was wrong… That £10 could be one of the best spends in my entire gaming life! I’ve had the game about three days now and have played it around 50 times. That’s 20p per game and that cost will only keep dropping as I play it more!

Gameplay! It’s fast, fun and you’re a bloody Zombie! What more could you ask for?

Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Take three dice from the pile. Roll them. Keep any brains or shotgun blasts you roll, ignore the feet.
Step 2: Decide if you want to roll again, top up your in-hand dice to three and roll again.

If you ever decide to stop rolling then you note how many brains you collected that turn and add them to you current running score. Return all dice to the pot and play passes to the next player.

“So why would I stop rolling?”

If you ever have three or more shotgun blasts in a turn (made up of the multiple rolls) you lose the brains you’ve collected that round (Retaining your existing total.) and your turn ends.

“But How do I win?”

Be the first to collect 13 brains! Simples!

This is a game of pushing your luck. No guts no glory!!! Or in this case, No brains no glory! It’s fast paced, fun and full of laughs. You’ll be talking about that gutsy (dumb) roll your opponent made for ages.You know, the one that went horribly wrong and saw them shotgunned back to hell!

Great stocking filler for Christmas that most people will pick up on the rules quickly! Recommended! And if you’re not sure if it’s for you, you can try it for free on your iPad or iPhone! Not sure if it’s on Android or Windows Phone yet though!

Score: 7/10