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First Podcast – Top Ten Games

Galaxy Trucker

OK here it is, my first ever attempt at podcasting.

The audio quality isn’t the greatest and it goes a little strange at times but hey I recorded this on my iPhone I can’t afford dedicated equipment and I’m doing this for fun so go easy on me please.

The icon I’ve used for the podcast isn’t great either, but if anyone graphical feels like designing me a cool podcast icon I’d love to see it.

Anyway, any feedback anyone has is greatly appreciated but, like I said, please be kind :)

Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

Following on from my previous post I wanted to talk about one of the first games I bought for myself. Blowing me away with atmosphere and story, Arkham Horror had left me wanting more and I set out on a mission to find a sub-three hour game that still oozed atmosphere.

My first stop, a game called Zombies!!! Recommended by a friend, I eagerly awaited its arrival; but alas, there was no atmosphere there, it just didn’t meet my needs.
Disappointed and somewhat put off from purchasing my own games, I considered giving up. After all, Zombies!!! hadn’t been overly cheap for what I got… and we still had Arkham after all… Surely that was enough…

Well it turns out I was wrong, in desperation to scratch my growing Zombie itch (There’s a whole other post I could write as to why I had the Zombie urge!) I took a gamble and ordered Last Night on Earth a Zombie themed game, dripping with atmosphere and created by Flying Frog Productions.

I won’t go into the mechanics of the game, that’s not what I’m writing these posts for, I want to give people a feel for the game, an idea of what I think when I play them, and how immersive they are. I have quite a vivid imagination and I think this helps me get the most out of my games. I know people who don’t have much of an imagination, or can’t seem to visualise a game panning out in real life, and I think it really limits their enjoyment.

Anyway, imagination in full throttle I started playing Last Night on Earth, there were three of us the first time, one zombie player (Me) and two human players. It’s possible to play with six people, two controlling the different colour zombies, and four controlling a single hero each.

With each turn of the game the sun slowly begins to rise, the Zombie player sends endless waves of foul, decaying, undead minions after the human “heroes”.
In our first game each of my opponents controlled two hero characters and they worked together valiantly to fend off the zombie hordes. Alas, their efforts were in vane as one by one they fell to oncoming waves of the undead menace. This is where my imagination really kicked in.

Picture the scene…

“A young, unarmed, man quietly creeps down an alleyway attempting to avoid detection. He slowly peers around a corner where he spies the decaying corpse of an overweight towns-person ambling out of the darkness. With fear in his eyes he carefully falls back, turns to run, and stumbles on the remains of dog, savaged by it’s once human master. He let’s out a cry and instantly regrets it, he hears the, now louder, moaning of the towns-person drawing closer. As he climbs to his feet the abomination rounds the corner and begins ambling towards him.

Petrified the man turns and runs for the other end of the alleyway. Passing a nearby window he’s showered in vicious shards of glass which tear at his skin and sends him crashing into the wall opposite. A zombie waitress thrusts her arms and head through the now empty window frame and grabs him, tearing at his skin with her cracked nails. She gains a hold and drags herself out into the alleyway screeching as she goes. There’s nothing that he can do, he’s trapped, with no hope of survival. With the screeching waitress clawing at his flesh, he resigns himself to his fate. As she sinks her teeth deep into his face the, slower, ambling towns-person bears down on him, dropping to its knees it joins the waitress and begins its horrific lunch.

Slowly the screams die down and the alley returns to its previous tranquillity, the zombies return to their mindless wandering, simply waiting for the next meal to pass by.”

Playing this game is like watching a first class zombie movie panning out in front of your very eyes. With a variety of scenarios there’s massive replay value. Add to this the Growing Hunger and Survival of the Fittest expansions and you will never be short of fun zombie action. I love Last Night on Earth and I can’t wait to play and review the Timber Peakexpansion which is currently sitting on my shelf demanding to be played.

Score: 9/10